About Us

At Ripple AV, we understand that success of any event is influenced by several factors and audio visual equipment is one of them. Whether you are organizing a conference or a presentation, seminar or a convention trade show, it is very important to have proper lighting, audio, video and projection services. When you organize an event indoors or outdoors, it is not necessary that all essential facilities for audio-visual are available there. A full audio-visual solution creates a professional, fun and interactive environment for your event irrespective of the location. Ripple AV equips your event with the finest gear and highest levels of support so that your event becomes a success.

Started in 2011 in Singapore, Ripple AV has grown into a premier full-service supplier of audio-visual, staging and technical support for conferences, product launches, meetings, trade shows and other type of events. Our services include providing latest equipments for audio, video and lighting, both in Singapore and areas around Singapore. We also provide AV system integration for event industry that enables enterprises to communicate effectively and create multi-sensory experience for their audience. We provide a range of equipments like lights, projectors, cameras, last speaker systems, HD monitors, camera systems that are required to run your event. We constantly strive to provide our customers with systems that require less on-site support and maintenance making it easier to handle. Our core competencies include large screen HD video projection, lighting design, trussing and rigging systems and video engineering.

Simply having the right equipments does not make an event successful; experts are needed to make sure they work without any problem. So, we have a team of qualified AV professionals whose combined experience is more than 30 years. Our team is committed to providing superior audio visual staging experience to our customers, and this is our foundation of building lasting relationships with our clients.

At Ripple AV, we love to experiment and innovate and add new solutions to our services. We constantly strive to improve our quality of interactions with our clients. Every member of our team shares our vision of providing seamless AV solutions and passion for excellence. Their efforts have contributed to the growth of Ripple AV and we will continue to create positive, inspiring and client-centered environment at our workplace. With a dedicated team of professionals, support team, staff and administrative personnel, we will continuously strive to become a leader in audio-visual and staging solutions, service and quality.