Events are an eternal part of corporate culture as well as educational institutes. The size of any event depends on its scope and objective, but steps required to plan any event are almost same. Every event requires detailed planning and careful execution to make it successful, and you cannot overlook any factor. One of the elements that make an event successful is the audio-visual system and lighting. Lighting adds appeal to any environment while audio-visual systems help in creating a defining experience. Little bit of creativity and experimentation with audio-visual elements and lighting can make your event unique and memorable. Audio-visual equipments used for an event depends on the theme and nature of the event. Even though equipments required for a formal conference will differ than ones used in a party, but they cannot be skipped completely.

There are several types of events that require audio-visual systems, lighting and staging support, these include –

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Exhibitions
  • Product Launch
  • Trade Shows
  • Media Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Press Conferences
  • Road Shows
  • Gala dinners
  • Staged productions

Ripple AV is a full-service audio, video lighting, projection, staging and rental company. So, no matter what event you are organizing, we have audio-visual solutions catering to your need. From video cameras to recorders, HD cameras to projectors, plasma screens to creative lighting, we have a range of latest equipments. We specialize in complex sound reinforcement, large screen HD video projection, video engineering, lighting design and trussing and rigging systems.  Our professional audio-visual and staging solutions create a difference between an ordinary event and an overall interactive experience. Whether it is a presentation or a gala dinner, we strive to make your event successful and memorable. Along with equipments, we also provide tech support for setup as well as while event is being conducted.

We understand the importance of reliable audio-visual system for any event, and hence we always try to surpass your expectations. Our relation with the customer does not end with setting up the equipment, it lasts until the event is completed properly. All our services are available just one call or one meeting away; once you explain needs of your event to us, we will provide all services that meet your requirement.

Audio-visual, lighting and staging solutions are vital for success of any event, hence always choose the best!