Organizing an exhibition is a challenging task! Whether you are an event planner organizing exhibition for an enterprise or a company organizing for its products, success of your exhibition lies in experience of its visitors. Exhibitions are not just any events, they are a platform a company can use to gain recognition and visibility among its customer base. Hence, it is very important to make the right impression and prevent any setback that can ruin your exhibition. Whether you are organizing a small single day exhibition or an expansive one, there are several things you need to take care of and several decisions to make. Usually, it is seen that audio-visual equipments are hired for exhibitions, and opting for the wrong equipments can lead to problems. Success of an exhibition is defined by the experience of its visitors. With new-age products in the market, it is possible to create a superior visitor experience in your exhibition.

At Ripple AV, we are committed in enhancing experience of your visitors with our range of audio-visual solutions. We have latest equipments like projectors, projection screens, plasma/LCD screens, plasma/LCD stands, portable stage, audio and visual equipments to provide innovative solutions for your event. One of the most important aspects of an exhibition is making most efficient use of floor space. From stages to feature areas, seminar rooms to support areas, we provide several lighting, staging and audio-visual solutions that make your exhibition area stand out and optimally display your services and products. We understand each exhibition has a different requirement, and hence there cannot be a standard format of equipments required by them. You need to simply contact us and we will understand your creative ideas and provide you with audio-visual, lighting and staging solutions to implement your creative ideas.

We have competency in integrated AV systems required by event industry, and are committed to providing a superior audio visual staging experience. Located in Singapore, we provide our services in Singapore and surrounding areas. You can avail our complete AV solution services at a single call with our dedicated team for professionals. Along with equipment setup, we also provide manpower support or on-site help with the equipments during the event. With our detailed approach, we will provide your exhibition with attention it deserves and you will surely be impressed. After all it is important to make an impression to develop long term associations.